About CareerWisdomCoaching


"Small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises" - Demosthenes

What does CareerWisdomCoaching offer?

CareerWisdomCoaching offers you career coaching from a unique angle. I am a qualified Careers Adviser and Life Coach with a background in adult careers advice and guidance, personnel management, human resource consultancy and employee research. Drawing from my knowledge and experience, my coaching applies comprehensive, innovative and original methods from a unique perspective.

I offer career coaching through a number of routes, much of which is based around two specialist programmes: the FireworkTM career coaching programme (see below) and the Prevue for CareersTM career development programme (see below). I also offer additional services to help you enhance your CV, improve your confidence and performance at interview, and re-enter the job market after redundancy (see CareerWisdomCoaching Packages/Services for more information).

Through CareerWisdomCoaching, I aim to provide you with the following:

  • A professional tailored service, regardless of the stage you are at;
  • A safe environment in which to air your ideas and dreams and explore them fully, before drawing up a plan of action;
  • A supportive and encouraging ally to partner you throughout the programme; and
  • Tools and techniques which will take you from your current uncertainty through to clarity, focus and ACTION!

No two people have the same personalities and aspirations. The coaching programme that we agree to and embark on will, therefore, follow your lead and be geared to your needs and circumstances. Each of my clients follow a programme that is entirely tailored to their needs, drawing on each of the tools described below as well as other methodologies developed from my knowledge and experience.

How does the CareerWisdomCoaching service work?

Coaching takes place as a series of purposeful conversations, by telephone, for a pre-agreed period of time. I find that telephone coaching allows for a focused and more convenient service, as I recognise that many of my clients work full time. Typically, individual sessions will last for at least one hour, on a weekly/fortnightly basis for the duration of your particular programme. However, the arrangement can be tailored according to your needs and preferences, and agreed individually.

I encourage you to read through the information on my website and contact me so that we can discuss your thoughts and ideas, and I can answer any questions you may have. I will then suggest a free, no obligation session which will give you the opportunity to try coaching and get to know my style before you make your decision.

Should you then decide to go ahead and invest in career coaching, I will discuss a possible programme plan with you, although as our coaching develops and deepens, I may suggest additional exercises and techniques that will help you through each stage. I will follow this discussion up with a CareerWisdomCoaching Pack and Introductory Pack to start you off on your journey. From your very first session, we will hit the ground running and you’ll be amazed at what you discover about yourself in a short space of time!

After each session, we will discuss exercises and research for you to complete which will support and enhance each session. Whilst I don’t want clients to feel like it is “homework”, you will gain most from the programme if you are able to undertake it. I also conduct reviews at regular intervals throughout our programme, to recap on achievements and check that you are happy with the progress we are making.

As we reach the end of the programme, our work will pay off, a clearer picture of your ideal career will emerge and you will complete our programme with an individual and comprehensive action plan. This will be the culmination of all your hard work and will be geared towards achieving your own ideal career goal. 

What is FireworkTM Coaching?

The FireworkTM career coaching programme has been created by two experienced Life and Career Coaches: Marianne Craig MCC and Kate Edmonds PCC. Both are accredited by the International Coach Federation. They have devised a pioneering and innovative programme based upon both their experience as Coaches, and research into best practice in career transition and guidance.

The programme follows through three phases: “Explore”, “Dream” and “Discover”. Through the enlightening exercises in the programme, and intuitive and probing coaching techniques, the Client:
develops a clearer idea of who they are-

  • Their values & purpose
  • Their strengths, skills & achievements
  • Their interests & motivators

and moves towards what they really want-

  • Their ideal working scenario
  • A range of possible career ideas
  • A detailed route map to turn their vision into reality

As a Licensed Firework Career Coach, I can tailor the programme to your particular circumstances.

For more information on the FireworkTM career coaching programme, visit the website:

What is Prevue for CareersTM?

The Prevue for CareersTM career development programme is a specialist career guidance tool designed to support career decision-making. It offers clients real insight into their abilities, interests and personality with the added bonus of a suggested list of occupations that are closely aligned with their profile.

After completing an online assessment taking around one hour, the Client receives a report which presents the results of their assessment in an accessible and comprehensive format. Based on the test, the report gives the Client a profile of their abilities (numerical, verbal and shape manipulation), motivation/interests, personality, working characteristics, and a list of occupations that best match his/her profile.

In addition to his/her personal report, the Client receives the “Life Planning Guide”: a career planning tool, containing an “Employability Profile” and series of decision-making steps which the Client can work through with his/her Coach.

Prevue for CareersTM complements the other services offered through CareerWisdomCoaching, by providing clients with a fresh, objective and comprehensive perspective on their personal characteristics, specifically relating to work.

Prevue for CareersTM was developed with input from experienced Careers Advisers and is based on an occupational psychometric measure. For more information on the programme, visit the website.

What is the Re-employability Programme?

The Re-employability Programme is aimed at those who are facing career uncertainty or have been made redundant, and the entire programme is designed to be completed within 6 weeks (based on one session per week). There is a very clear focus from the start on the Client’s employability and the programme includes CV and Interview coaching. The aim of the programme is to enhance the Client’s self-knowledge and ensure that they can re-enter the labour market with confidence.