About me


"Life is the only real counsellor; wisdom unfiltered through personal experience does not become a part of the moral tissue." - Edith Wharton

Testimonials - See below

  • As a person, you will find me warm, approachable, open and friendly. I want you to put your complete trust in me and share your career needs, dreams and aspirations.

  • As your coach, you will find me supportive, encouraging, focused and professional. I want you to know that you have an independent, objective ally who will keep you moving towards your goal.

  • As a professional, I will draw from the skills, techniques and unique experience that I have gathered from my own career.

  • As well as adhering to the professional Codes of Ethics of the Association for Coaching and Institute of Careers Guidance (see below), my own values are those of integrity, professionalism and trust. I also take client confidentiality extremely seriously and have an entry in the register for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998.

My professional and academic background offers a distinctive collection of skills and experience. Professionally, my career has included positions in personnel management, human resources consultancy and employee research. Specifically during latter years, I have worked as a Careers Adviser with adults. Academically, I have the Diploma in Life Coaching from Newcastle College, Part 1 of the Diploma in Careers Guidance (University based), the NVQ 4 in Advice and Guidance (work based), and an Honours degree majoring in Psychology.

Through my career, I have gained knowledge and insight into workplace politics and expectations, work-related stress (and rust factor!), and career transition issues. I have also developed an appreciation of the factors that we all face as working adults:

  • An ever-changing job market where the traditional “job for life” is fast disappearing;
  • Increasing needs for skill flexibility and personal career management;
  • Financial constraints;
  • Family demands;
  • Time constraints;
  • Influences on career decision-making and choice;
  • Fear and apprehension of starting again; and
  • Fear and apprehension of returning to education.

If you find yourself relating to any of the above, career coaching can help you work through these issues and discover what is important to you.

Underpinning all of my professional work are the Code of Ethics and Good Coaching Practice of the Association for Coaching ( and the Code of Ethics for the Institute of Careers Guidance (ICG: ): both of which I am member.

However, I realise that it is less important to you how I describe myself and my service and I, therefore, include some personal testimonials from people I have coached recently.


“Working with Sophie has been a really valuable experience.  It’s not a soft option - you definitely get out what you put in with this kind of work, but it’s absolutely worth it.  Sophie gets a good balance, gently but firmly encouraging you to do the work and take the process seriously, and if you do it really pays off.  I have much more clarity about what I want, what’s possible for me and how to go about achieving it.  Already I’m more motivated, organised and effective, getting much more done.  And the positive impact is spilling over into other parts of my life too.”
C, Sussex

“Career wisdom coaching has given me a valuable opportunity to look deeply within and find my own happiness in my work and life.  As a result I feel that I can now shine brightly on my chosen path in life.”
N, Yorkshire

“I feel I have really benefited from career coaching and investing the time to take a detailed look at the ‘work’ aspect of my life. The programme is very well structured and Sophie’s excellent coaching style and friendly manner puts you immediately at ease. I understand more about myself both in and out of work and have a clear idea and action plan to help me tackle a career change. I enjoyed the experience and would highly recommend it to others.”
C, Kent

“CareerWisdomCoaching has been the best thing I’ve ever done! Working through the Firework Programme with Sophie has shown me what I’m about, what my strengths are, and shown me  a way forward that I feel totally confident is right for me and that I can achieve. From a beginning where I was feeling stuck and unable to see what I could do about it, I now feel much stronger, confident and on the right path to a future I can feel excited about.”
J, Yorkshire

“CWC created a vision of a better and happier way of working. Having an experienced coach such as Sophie confirming my inner thoughts and requirements helped give me impetus to organise my career more efficiently. CWC helped to bring a logical order to the way I thought about my skills and strengths, enabling me to communicate more effectively with existing and future employers.”
J, Scotland

“From Day 1, Sophie has been as committed to my coaching programme as I am.  She has been flexible, allowing the sessions to develop according to my personal needs, while still achieving the planned end results.  Through her thorough preparation and analysis of the sessions, I have been able to identify and understand what I want from, and can offer, both in my current/future roles and my general life.  I definitely feel more positive and in control of my life and future career choices thanks to Sophie’s comprehensive programme and support.  Thank you!”
R, Yorkshire